Rector's Message

It gives me great joy to write these few words as we set up the NEW WEBSITE of the DON BOSCO SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE NASHIK! This initiative, the brainchild of Fr. Anthony Fonseca sdb our principal, is a timely and immensely useful service which will benefit the educative community of Don Bosco – students, parents, staff, teachers, and management – a great deal. On this website besides finding information about the school, its regular programme, the new initiatives taken, and the achievements of students and staff, one will also find detailed

information about each student, his or her biodata, progress record, achievements, and also some recommendations that might help teachers, parents and the student personally, to pay great attention to his or her overall development. Needless to say, all this information will remain private and available only to the students, his or her parents and teachers via password. In addition to thanking Fr. Anthony for this initiative, I want to congratulate his whole team of teachers and collaborators who have worked tirelessly for long hours to ensure that this project sees the light of day.
God bless you all!!

Rector / Manager
Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Nashik

Principal's Message

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents & Well Wishers,
Don Bosco Nashik is a Salesian School run by the Fathers of Don Bosco. Rev. Fr. John Bosco, well known as Don Bosco is founder of the Salesian Congregation. Don Bosco School, Nashik started in the year 1996, is a co - ed. School both for boys and girls. Lately we have also started Don Bosco Junior College. The school functions on the Educational pedagogy of Don Bosco known as the preventive system. Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness are the 3 main pillars of this preventive system. The school has a very good infra – structure, with all latest

facilities. The school caters to the students of all classes. The vision of the school is to ‘Soar High’ in all the fields, at the same time keeping in mind the mission of school to educate the poorest of the poor. The Salesian Fathers and Brothers along with the dedicated staff and parents of goodwill have succeeded in keeping the vision and mission of the school alive. A sincere word of thanks, to all the past Students, Teachers and Parents for shaping Don Bosco, Nashik.

Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Nashik