On July 16, 2024, Don Bosco Junior College, Nashik, organized an educational trip for 34 students under the guidance of Supervisor Mrs. Anagha Dusane and other teachers. The exciting journey included visits to Cerena Meads, Gargoti Museum, and Gondeshwar Temple at Sinner.

The day began with an assembly at the school, followed by a prayer dedicating the day to God. En route, the students enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast of misal pao at VITHU MAULI Restaurant.

At Cerena Meads, the students learned about the process of using honey to make various drinks and gained insight into the importance of beekeeping and the benefits of honey. Next, they visited Gargoti Museum, which houses a vast collection of minerals, stones, and crystals. The students were fascinated by the exhibits and gained knowledge about the geological wonders.

The trip also included a spiritual experience at Gondeshwar Temple at Sinnar, where the students had a moment of reflection and connection.

Throughout the trip, the teachers ensured the students’ safety and engagement. The students had an enriching experience, combining fun with learning. The trip concluded with a sense of accomplishment and joy, creating memories for a lifetime.

Mrs. Anagha Dusane, Teacher-in-charge, Don Bosco Junior College, Nashik, led the trip and ensured its success.


On 13th July, Don Bosco School and Junior College, Nashik, hosted a combined PTA meeting and conference for Teaching and non- teaching staff  respectively . The early paart of the day began with the PTA meeting, where Father Royal D’abreo , the Rector / Manager welcomed the gathering and introduced the new principal Father Rixson Nigrel. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping the school community. Father Rixson Nigrel, the Principal, addressed the PTA members, explaining their roles and responsibilities and thanking them for their dedication and contribution to the school’s progress. A new Vice President Mr. Gaikwad was also appointed to support the PTA’s endeavors.


In the second part of the day, Father Royal D’abreo addressed the teaching and non-teaching staff on the Salesian system of education, highlighting its core values and principles. He also emphasized the importance of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and its implications in the school setting. 

The meeting was  skillfully coordinated by Mrs. Rebeeca, the Supervisor, ensuring a smooth and productive discussion. The event concluded with a renewed sense of collaboration and commitment among PTA members, parents, teachers, and staff, all working together to foster a supportive and enriching educational environment at Don Bosco School and Junior College, Nashik.